We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you!

If there is something that’s not here that you have a question about, send us an email!

1) What is the cost?

– $1125

2) When is the event?

–  August 11,12,13,14 2016

3) Do I have to pay in full when I sign up?

-No, a non-refundable deposit can be paid up front, as long as the balance is paid by the deadline(July 12th, 2015).

4) How many cars are allowed on Yuppie Rally?

-We have space for 50 cars

5) How many People per car?

-The entrance fee covers 2 people per car, each additional person is $300/person

6) What type of hotels will we be staying at?

-We will be staying at 3-5 Star hotels.  Participants comfort is a priority after a day of driving

7) What is included in my entrance fee?

– 3 Nights hotel accomidations

– Sponsor’s Rally decals

-The absolute time of your life in a car

8) Do i need to put stickers all over my car?

– No you do not need to put stickers all over your car. It is encouraged though

9 ) Where will I park my car? Will it be safe?

– Parking arrangements for vehicles is a sensitive subject, we aim to provide our participants closed garaged spaces, or segregated parking when available.

10) What should I do to prepare my car?

– It is difficult to say what steps are necessary to make a car ready for a multiday rally.  A general rule of thumb is to prep your vehicle like you would for any high performance driving event.  Visit your mechanic or area performance shop for a technical inspection such as those for HPDE Track days

11) Is there anything I may want that I am forgetting?

-Many entrants will show up with as many accessories as there are vehicles.  Common accessories include multi-input cigarette lighter adapter, Multiple Phone chargers, Two way Radios, Batteries for two way radios, police scanners, CB radios, and GPS.  Check forum discussions for more rally prep (http://forums.yuppieracing.net/forumdisplay.php?104-Rallies)